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We focus on sourcing unique products for our customer base. We are trend setters and ensure we procure the very best tools and accessories for our customers. When it comes to our craft shop, every single piece of paper is handpicked, designed and put together by hand for you. We customize for you; we create for you.

People choose us because we bring their ideas to life and we take pride in the joy that comes from knowing that our toppers, cards, props, gift tag, any creation of ours at all, puts a smile on a face and make celebrations a lot more colourful.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to CakeAccessoryPlace where we know just enough about baking, tools and accessories, to have everything you need to make your cakes, pastries and dessert look scrumptious for every kind of occasion!

    Do you accept cash on delivery?

    No, we do not. Payment validates order processing.

    What is the charge for Interstate deliveries?

    The charge is determined by factors such as Location and Weight.

    How long does it take to process and order before it is dispatched?

    It takes 24 – 48 Business hours after payment is confirmed.

    Do you have a pick up location?

    Yes we do at 2 Sunshine Avenue Orisunmbare, off Ejigbo Road, Lagos.

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